The Black Hill of Morro Bay

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The Black Hill of Morro Bay

Susan’s family has been vacationing in the Morro Bay/ Caucus area for decades. I got brought into the tradition when Su and I were dating. And ever since, we’ve been going back. This stretch of the California Coast is gorgeous. It still has the feeling of that small beach town that my parents and grandparents can remember of California past.

Su’s family has a lot of traditional places to go for a walk or a hike. But bringing new people along, namely me, always leads to new questions and desires to explore. One day, when we went down to the Embarcadero I saw a photo of Morro Bay looking out towards the sand dunes and the ocean. It was from an elevated position. I hadn’t ever been out to a place in Morro Bay with that point of view. So naturally, I needed to find it.

Finding an RV Spot Can Difficult

When Su and I decided to take out our newly renovated RV out for an extended stay, we decided Morro Bay would be the perfect spot to test everything out for a couple of months.

We searched for a while for a place to live in our RV in the area. Everything was full. The pandemic kept people inside, and when the state opened back up, so did the RV floodgates. Everyone was out camping.

We found a small RV park right off the 101 and booked it for two months.

The Nine Sisters

Of Course, sitting inside in the RV all day isn’t much fun. So we decided to find some hikes and other places to explore that were new to us. For years, we had passed a mountain sitting by itself on the side of the 101 just south of Morro Bay. So we started looking up as much information as we could about it.

Sunset from the Black Hill Towards Morro Rock
Sunset from the Black Hill looking towards Morro Bay and Morro Rock (from one of the Nine Sisters to the other)

It turns out it is one of the Nine Sisters. They are a group of small volcanic mountains or hills that stretch through the area. As it turns out, some of the nine are on private property, or, in one case, on a military installation.

The Black Hill

But the others are open to the public. One of the Nine Sisters sits in Morro Bay. It’s known as the Black Hill, and it happened to be right next to our RV park. So we had to go check it out.

Needless to say, it’s worth checking it out.


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