We Bought an RV!

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Yep, we did it. We bought an RV! After months and months of researching different options, we decided to buy an RV.

Car, bus, van, or RV

Our first inclination was to travel by car for a while. But with the Coronavirus all the rage, we decided that it would be nice to have our own bathroom and dedicated cooking space. So we moved on to researching van designs. We looked into used cargo vans, conversion vans, and fully built camper vans. Needless to say, a fresh build is a lot of work. And it can be expensive.

Prebuilt vans are even more. Some cost an astounding $180,000. So we went back and forth on the pros and cons of each idea. We landed on class A RVs for their cheap cost used and the size of their living space. They offered plenty of DIY opportunities to customize as well. So we started looking for an RV that was shorter than 35ft.

Finding a great deal

We found a lot of second hand gas and diesel RVs out on the market when we started our hunt. The diesels can be expensive, even used. So we started realizing that we would probably have to go with a gas engine.

When we went to Chico to visit family, we happened to see a Craigslist add for a 2001 class A diesel RV. It was a Fleetwood Expedition 34N.

Long story short, we bought it.

We Bought an RV

Deciding to Renovate

We decided going into this that we wanted to find a used RV and renovate it to make it our own. Let’s be honest, RV manufacturers do not design their interiors to attract Millennials. We looked in dozens of brand new RVs and realized that we would need remodel a new one in order to make it look the style we wanted.


I wanted to be sure that we had good interior pictures before we started ripping the insides apart. So here is a smattering of interior photos.


The interior was in great shape for its age. It was definitely well used. We started demolition with the furniture and the carpet. Then we moved onto the walls and cabinets. You can check out our progress in the video.

We took out the window coverings because we didn’t like the idea of soft goods that we couldn’t wash.

That’s it for now. Our next task is removing more delicate interior pieces and cleaning EVERYTHING.

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