So close to being done with our RV Renovation

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We are getting close to finishing our RV Renovation

We are closing in on completing our RV renovation. A few things have goin on longer than we thought. Namely, the shower. It was and still kind of is, our nemesis.

Posting Again

As a side note, I will say that I’m not good at sitting down and writing about the things we are doing. I’m going to try to get better at it. My goal the last year or so was to make sure that I did something with the videos that we shoot. A lot of the time, I will shoot some video footage and then it just sits. So I’ve been working on turning it into something. So my focus has shifted to that.

The downside is that our website got left behind. So now that I am making progress on videos, it’s time to pick up the writing and posting again. With any luck, I can manage both successfully.

RV Kitchen

We really wanted to brighten up the kitchen space. So we installed some self stick backsplash tiles. They really made the whole space tie together.

RV Pantry

Su has always wanted a sliding pantry, so we set out to figure out how to build and install one. It actually came out really nice.

New Step Lights

The step lights that came with the RV were pathetic. Plus, only two of four bulbs were working. So I set out to make them better. I remembered that I had some waterproof LEDs somewhere. So I went searching for them. They made the project really easy and the step is extremely well lit now.

We have a few more projects to complete. One is a desk for my computer. We will probably always have little odds and ends to finish. But it’s nice to be seeing progress and the list of to-dos getting smaller.

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