How to Cook Chicken

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We’ve had some people ask how we make our chicken for our Cabbage Salads. So we decided to show you how to cook chicken. We do things a little differently… I think.

Normally, I start out with either frozen or thawed chicken breast. We like the Foster’s Farm Frozen Chicken breasts from Costco. Su and I have tried fresh and other frozen brands. But we keep coming back to the Foster’s Farm. It has the best texture and always cooks up nicely.

If the chicken is completely frozen, we usually try to thaw it out a little bit first by putting it in a bowl of hot water. Once the outside has started to thaw, we start cooking.

We use a non stick pan like this one.

I usually set the stove to medium high first. Then use a little cooking oil. We like avocado oil such as: this.

I put the chicken in the pan for about a minute before turning down the heat. You don’t want the pan to get too hot. Then I use some salt, pepper, sage, and oregano to season the chicken while it’s in the pan.

The Simple Ingredients:

It’s not a precise method, but once the chicken starts to break loose from the pan (i.e. has a nice sear), I will flip it and season the seared side the same way that I did the raw side.

Once the second side has had a chance to get a good sear, I take the chicken off the heat and put it on a cutting board to rest. Take this opportunity to re-oil the pan. Then I cut the chicken breasts in half “butterfly style” and put them, raw-side down, back in the pan.

Let them cook until they have begun to sear. I usually will flip them once or twice to make sure I have a nice color all the way around. Be sure to let the chicken get to the proper tempurature (i.e. thoroughly cooked).

After that, I will take them off the heat and they go directly into a glass Snapware container to rest. This small step preserves all the cooking juices that leaks out of the chicken as it rests and continues giving the meat flavor and moisture once it is stored in the fridge.

And that’s about it. Not a conventional recipe, but I’m also not that conventional. Check out our video on making chicken as well. It’ll show you how to cook chicken, rather than just tell you. And, hopefully, you’ll see how easy this actually is!

I hope that answers some questions. Let me know in the comments if you want more of these types of things.



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