Cayucos, CA

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I’m still going through a bunch of my old photos… some from years ago. It’s fun to see how my photography progresses. I was trying to decide how to post these – should I back date them as an old post or label them as old pictures…

I decided to go with the latter since these are new posts just with old pictures.

These few are a few nights shots I took on the Cayucos Pier. I think this was actually the first time we ventured down that way to the pier to take long exposures. The metadata should be shown on the images if you click on them. All were shot using a tripod.

I always try to get down to the Pier around golden hour. 2016 was a unique year because they hadn’t yet closed down the pier for refitting.

I have more from Cayucos, I just need to pull them off my hard drive and take a look. You can be sure I’ll be posting more soon.


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