A Vibrant Sunset at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

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I love going out to lighthouses. Like ships of old I’m drawn to them. Maybe it’s because it’s a working piece of the past. Maybe because it’s technology, history and art all together echoing with adventure that once was. Whatever the reason, they are a fascinating and fun subject for pictures. Point Cabrillo Lighthouse did not disappoint on those fronts.

Retuning when the light is good

On this particular evening, we were making a return trip to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse. We had visited earlier in the week and realized almost instantly that we had to come back and catch golden hour. In spite of a windy afternoon, that evening we had conditions that were calm and clear.

As the sun went down, the clouds created a little gap for the golden light to filter through. I had my camera on my tripod with a split ND filter set to help control the light in the sky. I started shooting from the path leading to the lighthouse. The leading line and the golden light made for an easy composition. I walked out on the eastern side of the lighthouse so the sun was coming from behind the building. It would be a good vantage point for later in the evening when the sun wasn’t as intense. I made a quick loop around the building, shooting the golden evening light softly hitting the side of the building. This kind of light can make the job of a photographer much easier. It seemed every shot was a good one.

One last shot on the way out

As the sun dropped below the horizon, I started walking back towards the parking lot. I turned around one more time and set my telephoto lens at f/22. My intention was to get a light burst from the main lens as it whipped around my direction. I took my final shot and walked back to the car as the light faded.

The evening trip made for a great hour or so running around with my camera on a tripod. For more information about this particular lighthouse and the people who care for it visit their website here.


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