Zion National Park and the Pandemic

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Yes! We Made it to Zion National Park!

We made it all the way out to Zion National Park. It took 3 days from Northern California crossing 3 states. But we made it. And in the middle of a pandemic that had left us all locked down and inside for months, it was nice to get outside and explore again.

The RV did great

The RV, with all of our modifications, made it safely to Zion. It made it the 750 miles to our camping spot. And not a single piece of our flooring buckled. Nothing fell apart or cracked. We called that a success. Our first few hours in camp were spent trying to figure out how to best organize the inside. We still had a lot of stuff just thrown in. But after a bit of work, everything started to fall into place.

Exploring Zion National Park

I have vague memories of visiting Zion National Park when I was younger. But I didn’t have any specific things that stood out in my memory. So, our first day was spent riding the shuttle through the canyon and hopping off at different spots along the route.

Because of the Pandemic, the shuttle required ticketed reservations. We had acquired a handful of tickets before arriving. But our departure times were sporadic. The ticket had a time that allowed you to get on the shuttle in boarding groups from the main shuttle stop out near the campground.

After you got on in the morning, you could hop on and off until you went back to the main entrance shuttle stop. At that point, you needed a new reservation window to board again. So as long as you stayed inside the main loop and don’t return to where you started, you could explore at your leisure.

We got off at all of the stops

The shuttle stoped at most of the major highlights inside the canyon. Most of the trailheads were easily accessible. There were a few shuttle stops that were closed. I’m assuming it was because of a limited number of shuttles were running with limited capacity. So limiting how many places it had to stop just simplified the whole system.

Never the less, we got out where ever we could. We took some short walks and ended up taking a more-than-we-bargained-for hike. But we got some amazing views of Zion.

Other, More Strenuous Hikes

We visited Zion with family. They had a list of hikes that they thought would be fun to do. So we decided to go with the group. We hiked the Narrows and The Subway. But I have so many photos of each of those places that I will give them their own post. So check back soon (Seriously, I’m going to try to post more).

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