Greymouth to Motueka New Zealand – (Part 9)

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The rocky beach in Greymouth, South Island, New Zealand

The kitchenette at the Ashely Hotel was well outfitted for breakfast. A typical kitchenette in New Zealand has a sink, a cooktop, a microwave and an electric kettle. I usually started my day by plugging in the kettle and preparing a mug of instant coffee. Ryan and I had become quite adept at an eggs, kiwi, and yogurt breakfast.we usually followed that up with a thorough washing and drying of all dishes and surfaces used. Come checkout time, everything needed to be put back clean and as it was when found.

That particular morning, Ryan and I started having a conversation about what we had seen and what were were hoping to do in the next few days. We made the snap decision to leave the South Island a day sooner than originally planned. That meant re-organizing a few things we had booked a few days prior. We went off in search of some free wifi. That was soon found it in the lobby of the local rec center. A fairly new and rather expansive facility, the employees were very nice and we had a nice chat with them.

We sorted all the logistics of arranging an earlier car drop-off and adjusting our ferry departure time. It was then time to start the drive toward the northern side of the South Island.


As we made our way north, we stopped at one of the South Islands rather interesting natural phenomenons. The Pancake Rocks and Blowholes in Punakaiki.

After walking through the outcropping of rocks, we continued north and eastward. It was one of those long days of driving, but we eventually reached Motueka and our overnight stopping point at Eden’s Edge Lodge.

This backpackers lodge had a great, full kitchen. So we made use of it and had a nice dinner.

Our pace was starting to slow down a bit as we reached the tip of the island and prepared to make our way to the port city of Picton.

There we would grab our ferry across to the North Island. It would be one of the biggest changes of the trip. We would be going from rural, small towns, to a large city in New Zealand. But, further up and further in would find us in Weta’s Workshop and Hobbiton…

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