Chico, CA – Visiting for the Holidays

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Upper Bidwell in Chico, CA

Where have we been?

That’s a good question. We decided to take a break from everything for a month and figure out what our future looks like. While there may not have been much resolution on the future, we did need to take a break from everything. Working on set for major TV shows and movies can really take a toll on you. I’ve been discovering more and more how the long hours can take their toll on my health.

So we decided to take the holidays and relax a little bit. We have time off here and there between shows, but that is a different animal. There is still work that needs to be done to complete one project before moving on to the next. There is something different about taking purposeful time off. So that’s what we did.

Near the middle of December, we had an industry award show to attend. The next morning we took off for Chico, CA where we would be spending Christmas and New Years with family.

Bidwell Park, Chico, CA

We spent a lot of time hiking in Upper Bidwell Park in Chico. It was pretty great to be so close to such an amazing place. We went out as often as the weather would allow. Some days it was rainy and dreary out. But even then, we would try to go out and explore. Even through it was a little muddy in spots.

Upper Bidwell Park in the rain

There are a ton of hiking trails through the park. And upper park is a great place to explore on foot. We also came across a lot of downhill mountain bikers. They love to rip up the trails that lead down the sides of the canyon.

Guardian Trail

We took one hike that measured over 6 miles. It took us up the canyon walls and then down to the river to head back toward town. We both like to create things. And as strange as it sounds, being in LA hasn’t helped that desire. We are both involved in other people’s projects. And we haven’t been able to work on something creatively. So while we were in Chico, we decided to work on making things. One outlet was shooting photos and making videos.

What’s Next

If you know, we’d love to hear it. We haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

I would say that the creative aspects of our trip were a success. And we got to spend time with a lot of family and friends. But on the front of trying to figure out what is next for us, we didn’t do great. We don’t really no what the next piece of the puzzle is. We haven’t found something in the film industry yet that makes us both love it. Sure, it’s been fun to work on movies and shows. And we’ve both gotten to be on set with some pretty amazing people. But nothing has grabbed us as being our thing.

I guess that is where we are stuck. We haven’t found “it” yet. And maybe “it” can’t be found. Who knows?… But at this point in our lives, we want to try. And we have the ability, so what’s stopping us. We will see where this crazy path takes us. But it’s not over ‘ till it’s over.

Oh, and here is one more video we put together while in Chico, CA. It’s just a compilation of all the aerial video I shot while visiting.


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